Pre-Law Advising

The USF Pre-Professional Law Committee provides pre-law advising for students interested in pursuing a career in law.

The program is designed to help students through the process of preparing for and applying to law schools – general advice in undergraduate course selection, helping students decide if law school is for them, assistance with selecting schools, and advice on Personal Statements and Letters of Recommendation.

There are no specific course pre-requisites for law school admission and students may apply with any undergraduate degree. There are, however, programs at USF that may students in preparing for law school, and in assessing whether a legal education and legal career are desired. The Legal Studies Minor and Criminal Justice Studies Minor provide students with a broad understanding of the U.S. legal system, as well as an examination of international law.  Having completed the program, students should have a much stronger legal background and a richer liberal arts education.  

For USF undergraduates who would like to consider attending the USF Law School, the 4+3 B.A./B.S.-JD program provides a preferred admissions plan. The 4+3 provides automatic admission to USF’s Law School if students meet three requirements: (1) completion of either the Legal Studies or Criminal Justice minor; (2) the achievement of at least a 3.2 gpa; and (3) the achievement of at least a 56th percentile on the LSAT. Minor information about this program can be gotten from one of the pre-law advisors or from the USF Social Justice Programs office (KA 232). 

For questions and/or advising appointment, please contact:

Robert Elias

KA 276 (Annex)

Erika Myszynski
Program Assistant
Program Office: KA 232

In addition to these programs, two student-run organizations provide information and activities for students interested in the law and considering law school: The Undergraduate Law Society and the Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) law honor society. These groups organize events to help fellow students through the law school admissions process as well as forums for people interested in current legal controversies and issues. For upcoming events/announcements/summer programs/scholarship opportunities, contact the USF Social Justice Programs office (KA 232). 

For brochures and other information, please see the Program Assistant.

Services offered by the Pre-Professional Law Committee:

  • Individual appointments with pre-law advisors
  • Guidance during the admissions and/or LSAT testing prep
  • Suggestions for undergraduate courses
  • Tips on how you can write powerful personal statements
  • Educating you about law schools and the BA/BS-JD 4/3 Law Program for the USF Law School
  • Equipping you with appropriate materials including a recommended pre-law timeline
  • Informing you about the pre-law groups on campus  (Undergraduate Law Society, Phi Alpha Delta )
  • Connecting you with USF Law School alum and Bay Area attorneys
  • Providing timely reports on the law school situation and on pursuing a legal career
  • Discussing alternatives to law school