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Professor Robert Elias

Back to Dean's Scholar Award 2012 - 2013Robert EliasRobert Elias’ book, The Empire Strikes Out: How Baseball Sold U.S. Foreign Policy and Promoted the American Way Abroad, has earned him a 2012 Dean’s Scholar award. The Empire Strikes Out examines the longstanding and reciprocal relationship between baseball, and U.S. foreign and military policies. The book has received critical acclaim and has caught the eye of Far West Films, which is hoping to turn it into a documentary. Elias is working on his ninth book, on the civil rights movement, At What Price Equality.

Dr. Elias holds a PhD. in Political Science from Penn State University and a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. He joined the Politics department at USF in 1989 and has since founded the USF Legal Studies, Criminal Justice Studies, Peace & Justice Studies, and the 4+3 Law Programs. He’s the Editor-In-Chief of Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice.