The University of San Francisco: College of Arts & Sciences

Associate Professor Marco Jacquemet, Communication Studies Department

Marco JacuementAs a Dean’s Scholar, Professor Jacquemet will share at USF and at other campuses across the country and internationally the findings of his current book project, Transidioma: Language and Power in the Age of Globalization, to be published in Spring 2012. His book is the culmination of more than five years of ethnographic fieldwork supporting his concept of transidioma. Through this concept, Professor Jacquemet assesses the communicative mutations derived from the intersection between mobile people (refugees, migrants, aid workers, etc.) and electronic media, and the resulting social hierarchies and power asymmetries. Focusing on the link between language, globalization, and social justice, his research on refugees and migrants in Mediterranean Europe has already significantly contributed to the fields of refugee studies, language contact, and human rights.

Professor Jacquemet’s research findings have also been widely disseminated through seminars, published articles, plenary lectures in the United States and Europe, and papers presented at national and international conferences. His work has been recognized by such arbiters of academic excellence as Babylon, Tilburg University’s center for the study of language and globalization and by the Max Planck Research Group on Language and Superdiversity. Holding a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley, Professor Jacquemet came to USF as an Assistant Professor in 2002 and was awarded USF’s NEH Chair in 2010-11.