The University of San Francisco: College of Arts & Sciences

Core Area Committees

Area A: Foundations of Communication
**Chair, Rhetoric and Language Department (Fredel Wiant)
* Coordinator, Program in Public Speaking (Ted Matula)
* Coordinator, Composition Program (Devon Holmes)
* School of Management Representative (John Koeplin)
* Nursing Representative (Kia James)

Area B: Math and Science
**Chair, Mathematics Department (Stephen Devlin)
*Chair, Computer Science Department (Peter Pacheco)
*Chair, Exercise & Sport Science Department (Karen Francis)
* Chair, Biology Department (Scott Nunes)
* Chair, Chemistry Department (Lawrence Margerum)
* Chair, Environmental Science Department (Tracy Benning)
* Chair, Physics Department (Tom Böttger)
* School of Management (Steve Huxley)
* Nursing Representative (Margaret Maag)

Area C: Humanities
**Chair, Modern and Classical Languages Department (Karen Bouwer)
* Chair, History Department (Kathy Nasstrom)
* Chair, English Department (Dean Rader)
* Chair, Modern and Classical Languages Department (Karen Bouwer)
* School of Management Representative (Phil Hanson)
* Nursing Representative (Tim Godfrey)

Area D: Philosophy and Theology
**Chair, Philosophy Department (Jeff Paris)
*Chair, Theology and Religious Studies Department (Vincent Pizzuto)
* School of Management Representative (Kim Connor)
* Nursing Representative (Octavia Struve)

Area E: Social Sciences
**Chair, Psychology Department (June Madsen Claussen)
* Chair, Media Studies Department (Bernadette Barker-Plummer)
* Chair, Politics Department (James Taylor)
* Chair, Sociology Department (Josh Gamson)
* Chair, Economics Department (Elizabeth Katz)
*Chair, Communications Studies Department (Evelyn Ho)
*School of Management (Dan Blakley)
* Nursing Representative (Susan Prion)

Area F: Visual and Performing Arts
** Chair, Dance, Music, Performing Art (Alexandra Amati-CAmperi)
*Chair, Art + Architecture Department (Tanu Sankalia)
* School of Management Representative
* Nursing Representative (Mary Lou De Natale)

SL and CD Designations criteria were developed by separate committees and approved by the AVP Council. Courses meeting these criteria will be approved by the respective College Curriculum Committees