The University of San Francisco: College of Arts & Sciences

Core Area Committees

Area A: Foundations of Communication

Chair, Ted Matula
Rhetoric and Language (Ted Matula)
Public Speaking Director (Michelle Lavigne)
Composition Co-Directors (Cathy Gabor and Devon Holmes)
SONHP (Kia Mg James)
SOM (Paul Ryder)

Area B: Math and Sciences

Chair, Tracy Benning
Mathematics (Paul Zeitz)
Biology (Juliet Spencer and Scott Nunes) 
Chemistry (Larry Margerum)
Computer Science (Sami Rollins)
Environmental Science (Tracy Benning)
Physics (Aparna Venkatesan)

Area C: Humanities

Chair, Zhiqiang Li
History (Julio Moreno)
English (Ryan Van Meter and Carolyn Brown)
Modern and Classical Languages (Zhiqiang Li)

Area D: Philosophy and Theology

Chair, Lilian Dube
Philosophy (Ronald Sundstrom)
Theology and Religious Studies (Lilian Dube)

Area E: Social Sciences

Chair, Joshua Gamson
Psychology (Kevin Chun)
Communication Studies (Marco Jacquemet)
Economics (Elizabeth Katz)
Media Studies (Dorothy Kidd)
Politics (James Taylor)
Sociology (Joshua Gamson)

Area F: Visual and Performing Arts

Chair, Amie Dowling
Performing Arts (Amie Dowling)
Art + Architecture (Seth Wachtel)