The City: Place and Power in the American Metropolis

Rachel Brahinsky

URBS 195

Course Description

This course provides an overview of cities in historical perspective from the early Southern agrarian and Northern industrial “walking cities,” to Post-World War II cities affected by suburbanization and outmigration, through the “urban crisis” of the 1970s and the “postmodern city” shaped by immigration, resource scarcity, gentrification and outmigration of ethnic and working class communities.

Faculty Bio:

Rachel Brahinsky serves as Faculty Director of USF's Master's Program in Urban Affairs. She received her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley; her doctoral research focused on the history of racial politics and redevelopment in San Francisco. Dr. Brahinsky's current research centers on race, gender and politics in American cities. Prior to graduate studies, Brahinsky's journalist career included articles on homelessness, city planning and urban politics. She is also the chair of the California Studies Association.