San Francisco: Evolution and Change

Kathleen Arnolfo

COMS 195 

Course Description: 
Our course will focus on how San Francisco continuously changes and evolves through public discourse. We will explore topics such as former historic landmarks as well as evolutions of a former neighborhood and what contemporarily exists today. Students will research, discover and reveal, through their presentations, the hidden or lesser-known history of our city. Students will also be provided with opportunities to advocate a current issue that San Francisco faces and should be changed. Therefore, students will learn about the past, present and possible future of our evolving city. At the end of this course, students will feel that they have a deeper understanding of how San Francisco transforms as well as feeling more confident in their public speaking skills and capabilities of crafting and analyzing a speech.

Faculty Bio

Kat Arnolfo is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Rhetoric and Language where she has taught public speaking. She has an M.A. in Communication Studies. However, she also studied the “Humanities of San Francisco” as part of her Undergraduate, Upper Division, General Education. Kat Arnolfo is a fourth generation, native San Franciscan and hopes that through her course, students will develop the same love and passion that she has for her city.