Sports Talk: The Rhetoric of Sports

John Ryan

COMS 195
Core A1

Course Description:

Sports Talk uses the world of sports to investigate public discourse.
You will use the rhetoric of athletes, coaches, owners, and fans as a
springboard into the study of public speech and public communication. The class emphasizes a critical approach as students immerse themselves in the history of sports communication from the early twentieth century up to the present.

Students will have the opportunity to explore the historical and social changes that have been inspired by our national fascination with sports. We will visit local venues and examine what these facilities say about our priorities and our values.

Faculty Bio:

John has degrees in Film Studies and Communication. His research interests include social class, critical pedagogy, and media. John has lived and worked in San Francisco for more than two decades. He has taught family communication, public speaking, and communication theory. John has been a San Francisco Giants fan for thirty years, and he is proud to have a brick with his name on it outside of AT&T Park.