Beauty of the Beast in Art and Literature

Anne Mairesse

CMPL 195
Core C1 and CD

Course Description:

Humans’ connections to the realm of animals can be of symbolic, symbiotic, and/or anthropomorphic nature. Let’s explore the intricacies of such relationships to understand the moral, social and political implications of selected works of art and literature. Hence, their role in society, and the ways in which they impact us as citizens of the world.

Faculty Bio:

Anne Mairesse was born and raised in Paris where the Cinémathèque, museums and art galleries stood for her favorite playgrounds. Before attending graduate school at Columbia U. in New York, she was a French and Comparative Literature major at the University of Paris and worked at the Pompidou Center in the heart of the city, the proximity of artists, curators, and the art world. Her approach to literature and culture is pluridisciplinary and largely influenced by her passion for the Arts as reflected in the Beauty of the Beast, a seminar where students can explore and confront Humanity versus Animality.