The Ignatian Literary Magazine


The Ignatian is the University of San Francisco's student-run literary magazine. Published yearly, it includes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art pieces submitted both by students and other writers.
The Ignatian Literary Magazine has appeared in a number of incarnations over the years. The original Ignatian was first released in the 1910-1911 school year, and was a combination of a literary journal, alumni magazine, and sports report. This lasted until 1924, when the Ignatian became an "annual book," which morphed into the Don, USF's yearbook. In the 1930s and 1940s, the journal was known as the San Francisco Literary Quarterly and published writings by students, faculty, and staff. Sometime in the 1950s, the SFLQ vanished and was replaced in the 1960s by a magazine called the Gaviota. During the Free Speech Movement of the 1960s, the magazine moved off campus, since the editors felt that their freedom of expression was threatened.
While the Ignatian was on hiatus in the 1970s, USF's newspaper, the Foghorn, collected and occasionally published student work in a special section. Finally, in 1988, the current Ignatian was revived due to student interest and renewed ASUSF funding, though it appeared in a newspaper format for several years.

This year, there will be a $50 Editors' Choice prize awarded to one submission for each genre: poetry, fiction, and non fiction.

Submission Guidelines by Genre
  • We accept simultaneous submissions, with no limit as to how many you may submit
  • There is no page or word limit; however, any poems longer than ten pages may be excerpted by the Ignatian staff with your permission
  • All poems must be titled; if they are not, they will be given a default title of the first line of the poem
  • Plagiarism is unacceptable; all submitted poetry must be the poet's own original work
  • Please submit poems in the format you wish for them to appear; a selected poem will be published in the format we receive the poem in. It is up to the author to ensure that the document submitted matches the same format he/she desires.
  • Please have a 50-word third-person bio attached to your submission
  • The submitted item must have not been previously published
  • We aim to provide a response within three months of receiving your submission
  • Our maximum length is twenty-five pages
  • Please have a brief third-person bio attached to your submission
  • A maximum of three spelling and grammar errors will be allowed: proofread carefully before you submit
  • Goodwill of intent of writing irrelevant to publication
  • The submitted item must have not been previously published
  • Stories should be single-spaced, with a clear title and the author's name included in the document
  • Please provide a title in every submission
  • Multiple submissions are welcome
  • We aim to provide a response within three months of receiving your submission
    Non Fiction
  • Work submitted must be the sole creative creation of the applying author, and should not be plagiarized from any other source
  • If submitting work under the Non-Fiction heading, the content should be based on either the author's experiences, the account of someone the author has personally met or on fact that the author has researched. Work that takes an excessive amount of creative license regarding the work's content (excluding literary devices) should be submitted as Fiction
  • Although there is no word limit, the editors reserve the right to abridge work if they feel it is too long. This will not be done without the author's consent
  • All work submitted should be titled
  • All decisions made by the Non-Fiction editors regarding content are final
  • Please submit a 300 dpi, high-res image of your art
  • There is no limit to the number of pieces you may submit
  • Submit only your original creative work
  • No title for your artwork is required; we accept both titled and untitled work (if untitled, your work will be named as "Untitled" in the issue)
    To submit your work, go to Submittable (
    To contact us, visit: