The Davies Forum at the University of San Francisco is a challenging intellectual program that focuses on values in public life.The continuing theme of the Davies Forum "The Search for values in Contemporary America," promises a refreshing examination of the turbulent state of American Society in the Last half of the 20th century and the present.

Spring 2014

"Pondering Paradise: Contemporary Issues Through a Pacific Lens" 

This Spring, the Davies Forum topic will be: "Pondering Paradise: Contemporary Issues Through a Pacific Lens" This forum will be co-taught by Professor Evelyn Ho of the Department of Communication Studies and Professor Evelyn Rodriguez of the Department of Sociology.

A region rarely studied in US curricula, the 22 island countries and territories that make up the Pacific (or “Oceania”) comprise at least 7,500 islands, cover over 30% of the world’s surface, and represent an enormous diversity in physical geography and culture, social-political organization, and languages (over a quarter of the world's languages are spoken here).  The United States has been notably involved in this region since the first US missionaries, whalers, and merchants began arriving in Hawai’i during the early 19th century.  As a result, today, the US administers one state (Hawai’i), two unincorporated territories (Guam and American Sāmoa), and four United Nations Trust Territories (the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, Pālau, and the Marianas) in Oceania.  Davies Fellows will deeply and critically study the Pacific to investigate new perspectives on US history, and the morality and ethics of America’s past, present, and future choices around pressing contemporary issues like globalization, war, development, migration, and their various outcomes.

Throughout the Spring various guests will visit the University of San Francisco to share their views on these issues. For more information about these events, please see our Events page.