G Computer Sci

Financing Your Education

The MSCS program is a two year 36 unit graduate program in the College of Arts and Sciences. Please see the latest tuition and fees table for per-unit tuition costs. The cost is the same for both domestic and international students.

Merit Scholarships

We offer a limited number of merit-based scholarships to incoming graduate students on a competitive basis. Continuing graduate students are also eligible for merit-based scholarships during the Spring semester.

These scholarships require you maintain a 3.3 GPA or higher. If you meet the GPA requirements, the scholarship is deposited directly into your student account at the start of the semester. No application is required for these scholarships—we automatically consider all graduate students (domestic and international).


There are a limited number of teacher assistant or research assistant positions offered by our department every semester. These on-campus positions usually require approximately 10 hours per week and pay an hourly wage. (They do not provide tuition remission.)

Most professors prefer you take a course with them prior to hiring you for one of these positions. If you are interested in these positions, you can look for open positions posted to our student mailing list or contact professors directly.

On-Campus Positions

There are various other on-campus positions available. These positions typically earn an hourly wage, and require between 10 to 20 hours per week.

Most international students are eligible to work on-campus (including assistantships). International students should always check with an ISSS advisor before applying for a position.

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Off-Campus Positions

Our prime location in the San Francisco Bay Area and proximity to Silicon Valley means there are many off-campus internships and positions available for graduate students that pay a competitive wage.

MSCS students (including most international students) can get credit towards their degree for these positions via the practicum option. Some restrictions apply.

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Most international students can continue working in the United States for 29 months after graduating through OPT and the STEM extension.

Financial Aid

There are many other options for financial aid for graduate students, including international students. If admitted to the MSCS program, the OneStop Financial Aid office is here to help students explore their options in financing their graduate studies.

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