BAIS Class of 2012 Alumni Update

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Sofia Andrade Sofia Andrade
(Global Politics and Societies, African Studies)
Graduation for the class of 2012 still feels like yesterday. While completing my degree in International Studies, I never thought I would one day be working in State Government, but here I am in Sacramento! I am honored to be serving as 2013 Capital Fellow in the California State Senate, where I play an integral part in the legislative process. As a fellow, I am responsible for carrying bills through the legislative process and staffing my boss in the committees she sits on and on the Senate Floor. This entails maintaining contact with key constituent groups, researching various issue areas, and keeping a direct line of communication with the necessary offices within the capitol. I love my job because I am always learning and am making a tangible difference in California's future. I hope to be able to stick around for a couple of years and go on to graduate school in public policy. I would encourage other BAIS students to think of a career in domestic public policy. (01/22/13)

Jordan BeallJordan Beall
(Peace and Conflict Studies, European Studies)
Following graduation, I spent some time exploring Iceland. I petted some Icelandic ponies, watched the sun never set, and hiked a volcano. Upon my arrival back, I began the final year of my graduate program at the University of San Francisco School of Education, completing my graduate degree in Elementary Education, while student teaching in an amazing 4th grade classroom. After completing my MA in May 2013, I took off to backpack through South East Asia for the summer with a childhood friend. In only a month we traveled through Vietnam, Cambodia and Northern Thailand. In addition, we spent a few weeks visiting Japan, although by that time money was running low and our backpacks no longer had their fresh scents. Since returning to San Francisco, my career has taken an interesting turn. I’ve taken a break from teaching and have ended up deep in the Financial District in the Venture Capital/Private Equity world. I’m currently working at Dow Jones as a research assistant for their Venture Source product. At Dow Jones, I am tracking VC/PE backed private companies, focusing on SEC Filings and IPOs. I plan to stay at this company for a year and then possibly return to teaching or take off into the world again. (01/21/14)

Sarah ClaytorSarah Claytor
(Global Politics and Societies, Latin American Studies)
I'm halfway through my Jesuit Volunteer year, working at a housing program for women with children who were homeless or at risk of homelessness in Austin. I work as a case manager to support women throughout their process of empowering themselves while gaining stability. I also run our organization's utility assistance program, meeting with members of the community twice a month to offer financial support with utilities bills and connecting them with other resources throughout the city. I am currently designing curriculum to facilitate a 20 week long series for the kiddos at my work to help them learn how to nurture themselves and others. I love my job and am thankful to the wonderful BAIS/LAS faculty who helped me develop my passion for social justice. The interdisciplinary focus of the major, and taking coursework from the perspectives of history, politics, and sociology, among others, has helped me to see the nuances in the structural forces at play regarding issues of poverty and homelessness. (01/23/14)

Caitlin DallyCaitlin Dally
(Peace and Conflict Studies, European Studies)
Following graduation, I spent a year serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA at Step Up Savannah as the Wealth Building Associate, in which I worked to help run the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, financial education/literacy programs and our quarterly poverty simulations. In November, I was offered a position at the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund as the Program and Operations Specialist in New York City and decided to take it! My work is divided into three categories; event planning and coordinating, program support, and office operations. I have found that a lot of skills and strategies I developed at USF when it comes to time management, organization, and communication have been essential to my work since graduated. Since graduating, I have felt that I have become removed from my passion of international politics and Scandinavian culture, but I find that being in NYC allows for lots of opportunities to keep me engaged. Working in lower Manhattan, you will see the greatest dichotomy of wealth (probably) in the world. If there is one thing that I have continued to carry with me from my time at USF in the BAIS program it is the Jesuit roots in social justice; the ability people have to realize their potential in the society where they live. (01/15/14)

Isa DyerIsa Dyer
(Peace and Conflict Studies, Latin American Studies)
Because I worked full-time in the Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Sciences throughout my undergraduate program, I chose to move forward with a mission to dedicate my work to an organization that would allow me to help bridge the gap between commerce and the common good. In July 2012, I started work at Presidio Graduate School where I now serve as the Associate Director of Academic Operations and Associate Registrar. Presidio is exactly where I want to be at this time in my life. Its mission is to educate and inspire a new generation of skilled, visionary and enterprising leaders to transform business and public policy. By working here, I am gratefully surrounded by an inspiring and vibrant community. My BAIS studies at the University of San Francisco are the fuel to the work I do here, and to the society we are trying to build. My goal right now is to continue dedicating my education to creating a more just, prosperous and sustainable world by working from the inside out at Presidio Graduate School. (8/12/13)

Lauren HillLauren Hill
(Peace and Conflict Studies, African Studies)
Shortly after graduation, I moved to Austin, TX with my boyfriend. During our time there, I taught yoga, served on the studio's leadership team and trained others how to teach. I met many wonderful people through the studio from graduate students in policy, psychology and social work, to business consultants, scientists and bakers. However, last fall, I injured a ligament running along my spine, keeping me from working for a month, and moving my body in any active way for almost half a year. Through my injury, I've connected to the importance of whole body and mind wellness that comes with a balanced life, and a passion for human anatomy. Now having recently moved to Los Angeles, still teaching yoga and training others how to teach, I am moving in the direction of getting a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I hope to integrate the degree with studies in psychology and how the body stores trauma, in order to help others work through physical and emotional injuries to find a true state of balance and wellness. As part of my practice, I plan to serve populations having survived traumas, both in my immediate community and around the world, who may not otherwise have access to healing. Thanks to BAIS and USF, I have an everlasting passion for service through the lens of social justice. (07/21/14)

Cristina Hunter O'LearyCristina Hunter O'Leary
(Global Politics and Societies, Middle Eastern Studies)
After graduation in May I moved home to San Diego to spend some time working and tackling the tedious task of graduate school admissions. Over the summer, I got involved working with The AjA Project, a community program which provides photography-based education programs to inner-city and refugee youth in San Diego. I’m currently working as an assistant instructor and media curator with The AjA Project. Working with local refugee youth has been an incredible experience and has continued to shape my interest in a career working within refugee communities. I am also currently applying for my Master’s of Public Health. Majoring in International Studies always made me determined to work within the international community; however, I never thought I would end up pursuing a career in Public Health. Working with under-served populations in San Diego has further bolstered my belief that without proper health care we cannot hope to make large scale changes to our local and global community. I am so lucky to be working with The AjA Project as I anxiously await the decisions from my prospective graduate schools! (02/26/13)

Andrea LeiteregAndrea Leitereg
(International Economics, Latin American Studies)
I just finished up a seven month internship with Kiva, a crowd-funded micro-finance nonprofit that allows people to lend money to entrepreneurs all around the world. At Kiva, I worked on and helped develop their pilot program, Kiva Zip, a program that is connecting borrowers and lenders more directly while lowering both the costs of capital and the barriers to financial access. Working on Kiva Zip got me so excited about being in a start-up environment, where change is a constant and your contributions are actually visible in the end product, that I decided to continue pursuing a career in that area. I just started at Lyft, a transportation technology start-up (you might know us by our fuzzy pink mustaches), a couple of weeks ago. There, I am working to help build the Lyft community of drivers. (08/16/13)

Cutter MacleodCutter Macleod
(Global Politics and Societies, Middle Eastern Studies)
I recently started working in commercial real estate for Cushman & Wakefield, specializing in high-rise office leasing in San Francisco's Central Business District. I was actively looking for work since about August and was thankfully hired about mid-December. My current job has very little to do with International Studies, but I had a feeling that might be the case when I graduated and saw my immediate options. My major in school was something I was and still am very passionate about, but I decided to go in a different direction for several reasons and I'm very happy with my choice. When I was on the job hunt, prospective employers were very surprised and interested in my choice to study Arabic and the Middle East, so despite the fact that I may not be directly using what I learned, it definitely served me well during my interviews. On top of that, the writing skills that I gathered in the BAIS program have benefited me immensely - turns out that all of those 25 page term papers really did help after all! (01/15/13)

Kelly MillsKelly Mills
(Peace and Conflict Studies, African Studies)
Ten days after graduating from the BAIS program, I started work as a Freshman Admission Counselor at USF. Since then, I've been recruiting future Dons from all over the country, reviewing applications and welcoming two new classes of students. I get to share my experiences within the BAIS program with prospective students and their families and absolutely love doing it. I often find myself sharing the diverse career directions of my fellow BAIS alumni! Starting in the Spring 2014 semester, I will be continuing my USF education by working toward's a Masters in Human Rights Education. During my time in the BAIS program, I focused my own research on education in conflict and post-conflict zones and I'm excited to build on that in the Human Rights Education program. (01/15/14)

Andrea PowellAndrea Powell
(Global Politics and Societies, African Studies)
After receiving my degree from USF, I moved to New York to attend the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and I graduated this May with a Master's of Science in journalism. I have since relocated back to San Francisco, where I work full-time at San Francisco Magazine. I am also officially back at USF, living in Phelan Hall as a Resident Minister and serving on University Ministry's social justice team. This year I will be working with the Esther Madriz Diversity Scholars community as they learn to untangle the complicated web of social justice, marginalization, and minority empowerment. Come the spring, I will also have the privilege of leading a group of undergraduates on an immersion trip to South America. I feel fortunate that in just two years I have been able to combine my wide ranging interests of international politics, community journalism, and social justice education into two jobs that I love doing every day. (8/19/14)

Jennifer ReadyJennifer Ready
(Peace and Conflict Studies, European Studies)
Following graduation, I thought it'd be nice to enjoy my summer, so I decided to save up some money and move to Chiang Mai, Thailand to take my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course and then find work somewhere in Southeast Asia. Right now, I am teaching kindergarten and first grade English in Suratthani, Thailand at a bilingual elementary school. Since my minor was in European studies, I never really had a great depth of knowledge in Asian studies, I thought the best way to broaden my perspective was to move there and gain some cultural context. Being in Thailand is only a temporary endeavor, but now that I have my TEFL and classroom experience, I think I'd like to teach elsewhere and maybe even apply for a Fulbright in the future. (01/15/13)

Andy ReinhardAndy Reinhard
(Global Politics and Societies, European Studies)
After graduating from USF in the Spring of 2012, I temporarily worked as the Executive Assistant at the Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. Although my tenure at Presidio was short, I was exposed to their academic programs and immediately became interested in public administration and policy. In late 2012, I accepted a position at Arcadia Health Services working in their temporary nurse staffing division. While working in the staffing department, I was responsible for placing nurses at large Bay Area hospitals, recruitment, and marketing. After the company downsized, I decided to work in a different division focusing primarily on finance and accounting, something I had never done. After two years in the working world, I will be returning to school this fall at Mills College for a Master of Public Policy. Having been exposed to many policy issues during my tenure at USF and working in San Francisco, I knew this program at Mills would be a wonderful fit for me. It is my hope to focus on regional public health and water policy issues. (08/1/14)