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G Analytics

MS Analytics Class Profile

Students in the MS Analytics Program make a valuable contribution to our community through their unique backgrounds and expertise. This data cannot capture the individual experience and potential of each student and will vary from year to year.

Class Composition

Male 71%
Female 29%
Average Age 28
Age Range 22-41
International 54%
U.S. Minorities 18%
Median Quantitative GMAT 49
Median Quantitative GRE 164

Undergraduate Majors Represented

Business/Management      6%
Computer Science/Engineering 26%
Economics 13%
Mathematics/Statistics 42%
Other 13%

Undergraduate Institutions Represented

BMS College of Engineering 
Cornell University 
Duke University
Hitotsubashi University
Monash University
Northwestern University
Purdue University 
Rhodes College
Rice University 
San Francisco State University 
UC Berkeley
UC Davis 
UC Santa Barbara 
University of Delhi
University of Minnesota Duluth 
University of Mumbai 
University of Pune 
University of San Francisco 
University of Vermont 

Field of Prior Work Experience

Computer Hardware and Software 36%
Consulting 14%
Education Management 21%
Other 29%