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On Campus Supervisors

The supply of jobs is controlled by the hiring departments. Jobs are posted and candidates are selected by hiring supervisors. New and continuing hires are approved by the department’s budget managers. Today, competition for jobs is at an all time high. This is seen in the demand for student jobs outpacing the supply of jobs available. Finding work on campus has become competitive as more and more students are looking for work to pay for their school expenses and gain valuable experience.

To help confirm a candidate’s employment eligibility, a work clearance is issued by Student Employment. The student is asked to present the form to a supervisor. The work clearance provides supervisors information needed to complete an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF). It also identifies candidates who will need assistance applying for a Social Security Number (SSN). There are different groups of students and each group will have its own work clearance, see samples below.

Domestic Students with work aid:

  • Federal Work Study Recipient
  • Campus Job Opportunity Recipient

International Students without a Social Security Number (SSN):

  • F1 visa holder – New Student without a SSN
  • J1 visa holder – New Student without a SSN

Domestic without work aid and International Students with a SSN:

  • Regular (Domestic and F1 visa holder) – Continuing Employee with a SSN
  • J1 visa holder – Continuing Employee with a SSN