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Enrollment Certificates for Students

Current and former students with a USFconnect account may obtain an official enrollment certificate online. Former students who do not have a USFconnect account, may download a Verification Request form in order to obtain an official enrollment certificate.

Current Students:

  1. Log on to myUSF
  2. Inside the orange box labeled "Self-Service" click on the"Student" button.
  3. Click on the "Student" tab.
  4. Click on the "Student Records" link.
  5. Click on "Request an Official Transcript and Enrollment Certificate."
  6. Under "Request an Official Transcript or Enrollment Certificate," click on "Click Here."


  1. Either request an official transcript or request an unofficial transcript
  2. Log into your myUSF account.
  3. Click on the "Click Here" button.

Note: Enrollment certificates are only available after the University Census Date of the semester of enrollment. Before the Census Date, only past enrollment information will be appear on the certificate.

Degree and Other Verifications for Students

Students who wish to request a degree verification or other type of verification (e.g. class standing, status, GPA, etc.) must download and submit a Verification Request Form. Verification Request Forms may be submitted by mail, by fax, or in person:

Mail to:
Verifications, Registrar's Office
University of San Francisco
2130 Fulton St
San Francisco, CA 94117

(415) 422-6329

In person:
One Stop Enrollment and Financial Services Office
Lone Mountain 251

Note: Students who have a special form that needs to be completed should attach the form to the Verification Request Form.

Veterans' Certifications

Enrollment certifications are processed each semester for those students receiving VA educational tuition assistance and benefits.

Degree and Enrollment Verifications for Third-Parties

The University of San Francisco has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree and enrollment verifications to employers, institutions, and other third-parties. To obtain a degree or enrollment verification for a USF student, please contact the National Student Clearinghouse at:


If you have questions, please contact the Verifications unit at (415) 422-6716 or