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Summer School Housing

Please read all information under each green tab concerning summer housing before applying for summer school housing.

Who is eligible for Summer Housing?

Students must be registered and enrolled for class at USF during the summer.

1) You must be a USF student with a USF ID and 2) you must be registered/enrolled for summer courses 3) and these courses must align with your date of stay.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I stay in summer school housing if I am not a student USF? No
Can I stay in summer school housing if I am a student at USF but not taking any summer classes? No

When is Summer Housing available?

Saturday at 5pm, May 17th, 2014- Saturday at 12noon, August 9th, 2014
*Remember, to apply for housing for the full summer you must be registered during the entirety of the summer session.

Where is Summer Housing on campus?

Lone Mountain 150

Lone Mountain

  • For the Summer, students of all classifications and programs, undergraduate and graduate reside in our summer housing residence hall.
  • Co-ed (single-sex floors, co-ed floors - vary upon occupancy)
  • Residence Hall style building

Frequently Asked Questions:
Is Summer Housing only located in Lone Mountain? Yes

How much does Summer Housing cost?

USF charges room and board on a per diem basis in the summer. Charges are prorated based on the number of days a student spends on campus.

Rates per day
Single Room: $32
Double Room: $26     
Meal Plan: $19.50

Full Session/Summer (for those who register for a full summer's worth of classes)
83 days - May 17th 2014 (no earlier than 5pm) until August 9th (no later than noon) - Double Room: $2158, Single Room: $2656, Meal Plan: $1619.

How do I calculate how much I'll be charged for summer?
Number of days (X) single or double per day rate = Assignments total
AND... Number of days (X) meal plan rate = meal plan total
Assignments total (+) Meal plan total = overall total

(example 30 days (X) $32 a day for a single = $960 for room assignment (+) 30 days (X) $19.50 a day for meal plan = $585
) $960 + $585 = $1545

Do I have to have a Meal Plan (the answer is Yes!)

You will be required to pay for both a room and a meal plan for Summer Housing. Meal Plans may be appealed for approved dietary restrictions or academic scheduling conflicts. Plans will not be appealed based on financial need. Meal Plan appeals are processed through our Campus Dining Mananger, Holly Winslow. Contact her here for more information. SHaRE does not approve/deny meal plan appeals.

How do I apply for Summer Housing?

The Application for Summer 2014 Housing will open on April 1st. Apply for Summer Housing 2014 Here!

Click here for the Summer Housing Contract.

When you fill out a housing application you also sign a contract! Read those terms!

If you have additional questions feel free to email:

What If I want to CANCEL my summer application?

There are no cancellation fees for summer housing!