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Overseas Health Insurance Coverage

Unexpected situations can and do occur. You must have adequate medical and emergency insurance overseas coverage. Most domestic health care providers have limited coverage overseas. You must provide proof of overseas medical and travel coverage for the term you plan to be abroad in the form of a letter written and signed by your provider.

USF Sponsored program participants:

You are automatically covered through ACE/EUROPASSIST while abroad.  Contact the CGE office for insurance certificate and insurance card.

External program participants:

Please purchase Wells Fargo’s Somerton Student Insurance if you will not be enrolled in USF’s Student Health Insurance Plan or if your host program or primary insurance company does not include a 24 hour on-call emergency evacuation and medical repatriation of remains overseas plan.

For more information on USF’s Aetna Student Health plan, visit  and click on the Emergency Travel Assistance section

For more information on Wells Fargo’s Student Insurance Plan, read below and visit 
Wells Fargo/Somerton Student Insurance Services is a company that provides mandatory USF emergency health insurance for individuals studying outside their home country. Their 2011/12 Global and CSU Global Study Abroad Plans are currently available for online enrollment. In addition, the following are improved benefits that are available for outbound U.S. students:

  • Rates are based on a weekly basis with a 2-week minimum purchase.
  • Repatriation Benefit – if a Covered Person is unable to utilize the services of Assist America for repatriation services, the Plan will reimburse the covered person, upon receipt of a claim form and an itemized statement of services, up to a maximum of $7,500, in the event repatriation of the Covered Person to the Home Country is necessary.
  • Athletic Coverage – Amateur, intramural, or club sports activities (excluding football, field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, polo, rugby, skiing, and soccer) are covered up to a maximum of $5,000 under the Value Plan. Individuals have the option of increasing Athletic Coverage to a maximum of $50,000 with a $100 deductible, under the Deluxe Plan.

Individuals may enroll online by going to:

  2. Under Student Insurance, click on: Find your school’s plan
  3. Type in University of San Francisco
  4. Hit “Go”
             Click on the “brochure” link to view and print a .pdf copy of the brochure.
             Click on “enroll” to begin the enrollment process.
  5. Once payment has been submitted (Visa or Mastercard), please print your confirmation materials including a copy of the issued health card and submit it to the Center for Global Education.