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Meet Eligibility Requirements

Academic Requirements

  • You must earn 60 credits before going abroad (Junior standing), and complete your last 30 units (Senior year) at USF; but with your Academic Dean's approval, you may be able to study abroad your Sophomore or Senior year.
  • If you are a transfer student, you must have completed at least 24 units at USF prior to study abroad. Under special circumstances, the Dean may approve study abroad after one semester at USF.
  • You must possess a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Students in the School of Management (SOM) must possess a 2.75 GPA in their major in addition to the overall 3.0 cumulative.
  • If your GPA falls below these requirements, you must obtain your Academic Dean's approval to study abroad. 
  • Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors may be eligible to do a summer or intersession program so long as GPA & Judicial requirements are met and they have the Academic Dean's approval.
  • Nursing majors are only allowed to study abroad over intersession, spring break, or the summer.

*We highly advise meeting with your Academic Advisor and Dean to review specific major requirements and proposed study abroad courses. Any waivers from the Dean must be provided to our office in writing or via e-mail.

A&S Psychology majors cannot take any courses in Psychology that will count toward the major, unless you obtain signed approval from the Department Chair prior to applying to study abroad.

Suggestions for Psychology Majors who plan to study abroad

  • Be aware that you cannot take any courses in Psychology that will count toward the major, unless you get signed permission from the Chair of the Psychology Department prior to leaving USF; approval is typically granted only for electives in Psychology, not for any of the required courses.
  • Note that it is your responsibility to register on-line while you are studying abroad for the following semester. Many psychology courses fill quickly, so there is a very strong possibility that you will not be able to take a popular or required course, unless you can register as soon as you are eligible. Your faculty advisor will not register you.
  • The faculty and staff in the Psychology Department will not be able to telephone you while you are abroad; please do not leave messages requesting they do so. Your faculty advisor will communicate with you regarding academic advising issues (but not to select a course schedule) by e-mail.
  • Many psychology courses must be taken in an exact sequence. Studying abroad may delay your planned date for graduation. It is your responsibility to plan your course sequences to minimize this likelihood. Be sure to meet with your faculty advisor well in advance of your travels.

Last Updated: July 2009
USF Department of Psychology; 415-422-6151


All students who wish to study abroad or participate in an international program (e.g., faculty-led course, immersion, field trip, etc) must have a satisfactory disciplinary (conduct) record with the Office of Student Conduct Rights and Responsibilities (OSCRR).

The Center for Global Education (CGE) will contact OSCRR with the list of all students interested in or having applied to studying or traveling abroad. OSCRR will grant CGE disciplinary clearance enabling students to advance in the application process.

Students who are under academic probation are not eligible to participate in any type of USF-sponsored study abroad program or immersion program. Students who have been or are on Conduct Probation (Disciplinary Probation) as determined by OSCRR are not allowed to participate in any kind of USF-sponsored international program (e.g., study abroad, short term program, immersion, field study, etc.).

Disciplinary Clearance Form


Take note of any language pre-requisites before you apply to a program. Many of USF’s Central and South American programs require Spanish proficiency or the equivalent in that you have taken at least four or five semesters of college-level Spanish. Most programs, however, are open to all levels of language, but it your responsibility to meet program-specific language pre-requisites.

Some programs offer pre-semester intensive language classes at an additional cost. USF offers two intensive language summer programs in Puebla, Mexico and Madrid, Spain that you may want to explore as an option before study abroad.


You must hold a national passport that will be valid six months after you study abroad. The Center for Global Education will need a copy of your passport. Additionally, if you are an international student, you must provide a copy of your visa to the U.S.

Domestic students - A U.S. Passport is good for ten years. If you do not have one or need to renew your passport, please apply immediately, as processing and delivery can take up to three months.

Passport instructions and applications are available in our office with an affixed list of post offices and contact information.

Apply for or renew your U.S. Passport today !