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Higher Education Student Affairs Master's

Earn your Student Affairs Master's Degree at the University of San Francisco

Join a dynamic learning community and forward your career in higher education with an exciting program in USF's School of Education, the M.A. in in Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA). To apply for admission to the new program, complete an admission application for the M.A. in HESA by the priority deadline of January 7.

All admitted applicants will then be notified of the Graduate Internship application process which will launch February 2.


Student Life Graduate Student Opportunities


The practicum is a required 1-credit unit experience required for graduate students enrolled in the program. The commitment is approximately 100 hours per semester. Students are required to complete three units worth of practica during the program.


The internship is an optional nine-month experience for in-depth work in a specific area of student affairs. Students will devote approximately 20 hours per week to one department within the Division of Student Life or other partner departments. (Note: Internships offerings are subject to change.)


Those students interested in the HESA program are encouraged to contact the School of Education for details about the academic program:

Patricia Mitchell, Ph.D.
(415) 422-2079

For questions about HESA graduate internship opportunities, contact:

Gregory V. Wolcott, Ed.D.
(415) 422-5550