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Academic Advising

Academic advising is one of the many ways in which students engage with faculty members on an individual basis. Advisors and advisees work together to create an invigorating, comprehensive, and realistic individual academic plan based upon each students interests, strengths and goals. Advising is an on-going conversation that transcends mere course selection by assisting students as they explore the diversity of perspectives, experiences and traditions.

Students are responsible for:

  • understanding their reasons for going to college
  • thinking carefully about choosing a major
  • making their own decisions based upon informed judgment
  • arranging advising appointments BEFORE it is time to register for classes
  • preparing for advising meetings by bringing a draft of their class schedule
  • asking relevant academic questions
  • seeking out information related to planning their academic career
  • becoming knowledgeable about services available on campus
  • understanding degree and program requirements

Faculty Members are responsible for:

  • proactively engaging advisees in the academic planning process
  • understanding the demographics of USF students
  • referring students to the College's on-line advising tutorial
  • monitoring the academic progress of their advisees
  • making effective referrals to other campus offices
  • communicating clearly to their advisees the regular times during which they are available for consultation

The College is responsible for:

  • assuring that there are clear policies, procedures, and resources to support the advising process
  • supporting faculty members in the development of effective advising skills
  • providing appropriate recognition for the role that faculty members play in the academic advising system
  • conducting ongoing assessment of the advising program