Master of Arts in Teaching

with a Preliminary Single or Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program has an emphasis on curriculum.


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mission-allianceTwo courses (six credits) build on credential coursework to prepare teachers to critically examine and develop curricula that address the needs of a democratic society, diverse student populations in K-12 schools, and content standards.

Teachers learn to deliberate, from different perspectives, on historical controversies that continue to shape debates about educational purposes, content, and pedagogies. They develop detailed unit plans for their own classrooms that support the learning of academically, culturally, and linguistically diverse students, using the understanding by design model.

(Note: The required MAT courses may be modified for Dual Degree students.)

Required Master's Courses | 6 credits

See Teacher Education course descriptions in the School of Education section of the USF General Catalog online.

Curriculum Development Strand

Candidates who complete all credential program requirements at USF may obtain the MAT by successfully completing the following:

  • TEC 673. Curriculum: Currents and Controversies (3 credits)
  • TEC 674. Curriculum Development and Design (3 credits)

Additional coursework may be required for students for whom credential coursework is waived or substituted for by courses taken at another university. For additional information, contact the Teacher Education Program Assistant at (415) 422-6481.

Dual Degree Students

The following two courses continue to be offered for candidates in the Dual Degree Program ONLY who are completing their undergraduate degree, credential, and MAT in 5 years.

  • GEDU 603. Methodology of Educational Research (3 credits)
  • TEC 619. Master's Thesis - Field Project (3 credits)

Dual Degree students may elect to take the curriculum development strand but must agree to extending the time for MAT degree completion by an additional semester.

Credential Coursework

The preliminary teaching credentials offered in conjunction with the Master of Arts in Teaching are:

Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential with an optional Bilingual Authorization in Spanish | 36-40 credits.

Preliminary Single Subject Credential with an optional Bilingual Authorization in Spanish | 34-38 credits.