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Where Learning and Instruction Doctoral Graduates Work

California Postsecondary Education Commission
Stacy Wilson, Ed.D.
Research Consultant

San Francisco State University
Dee Spencer, Ed.D
Professor and Co-director of the Jazz and World Music Studies Program

University of California at San Francisco
Zina Mirsky, Ed.D.
Associate Dean, School of Nursing

University of Virginia
Mary Darcy O'Quinn, Ed.D.
Professor, Education

Elk Grove Unified School District
Odie Douglas, Ed.D.
Principal, Franklin High School

University of California at Davis
Joanne Galli-Banducci, Ed.D.
Education Faculty

American River College
Grant Goold, Ed.D.
Paramedicine Faculty | Author: First Aid in the Workplace (2nd ed.) and Pediatric Emergencies

University of San Francisco
Jane Corbett, Ed.D.
Professor of Nursing | Author: Lab Tests and Diagnostic Procedures with Nursing Diagnoses (5th ed.)

San Francisco State University
Hamid Khani, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor, Broadcast & Electronic Communications

San Jose State University
Leamor Kahanov, Ed.D.
Program Director of Athletic Training, Department of Human Performance

Jen Madigan, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor, Special Education

California State University East Bay
Shira Lubliner, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor | Author: A Practical Guide to Reciprocal Teaching

CSU, Monterey Bay
Irene Nares Guizicki, Ed.D.
Associate Professor, School of Education

Advance Consulting
Suzanne Saxe, Ed.D.
President | Author: The Consultative Approach: Partnering for Results

Stanford University
Michael Rouan, Ed.D.
Director of Production, Center for Professional Development

CSU, Sacramento
Shirley Thornton, Ed.D.
Professor of Education Administration | Deputy Superintendent of Education, CA. Department of Education, 1986-1995

Hal Urban, Ed.D.
Author: Life's Greatest Lessons: Twenty Things that Matter (4th ed.)

University of California at San Francisco
Margaret Walsh, Ed.D.
Professor School of Dentistry | Outstanding Dissertation Awards

Nikki Miller, Ed.D.
1996 Outstanding Dissertation in the Western United States Region, Phi Delta Kappa

Undersecretary of Education, Obama Administration
Martha Kanter, Ed.D.
1990 Outstanding Dissertation for Research on Community Colleges in California

Suzanne Saxe, Ed.D.
1986 Outstanding Dissertation in the United States in Training and Development

St. Mary’s College
David Krapf, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor, Director of Teacher Education