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Program Benefits

Doctorate (EdD) in Learning and Instruction

stu_2listenAs you search for the best options for your future, consider the major benefits of becoming a student in the Learning and Instruction doctoral program.

Stimulating Learning Environment with Small Classes

Faculty get to know students well and are able to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for doctoral-level students.

Diverse Student Body and Faculty

Students and faculty are from a wide range of ethnic, cultural, and professional backgrounds. This diversity provides greater experience and depth to course discussions.

Convenient Course Schedule Designed for Working Professionals

Most courses are offered on the weekends or during the summer. Typically, classes meet every other weekend on Friday nights, Saturday mornings, or Saturday afternoons.

Expert Faculty with Strong Research Skills

The faculty in the Learning and Instruction Department are excellent instructors with a wide range of research interests. Learn more about the faculty here.

State-of-the-art Technology to Support Interactive Learning

We take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the new multimedia classrooms in the School of Education. We are also developing hybrid components to courses that mix both live and distance education components.

Flexibility to Design A Program of Study

Because students come with a wide range of research interests, they are able to specialize in their area of passion with support from the faculty. Students are not expected to simply fit into the pre-existing research projects of faculty; rather, they are encouraged to develop their own research areas that deserve a greater level of investigation.

Optional Concentrations

Students can develop a highly personalized curriculum in terms of the courses they choose to take and can also specialize in three areas if they so desire.
  • Mild/Moderate Special Education
  • Research Methods and Practice
  • Higher Education