Master of Arts in Catholic Educational Leadership

Optional Administrative Services Credential

Admissions Requirements for Catholic Educational Leadership

In addition to standard School of Education application requirements, CEL applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Evidence of three years minimum Catholic school teaching experience at the elementary, secondary, or collegiate level, or permission by the CEL faculty to waive this prerequisite.

Degree Plan

The program leading to the Master of Arts in Catholic Educational Leadership requires the completion of 30 credits of course work, including eight core courses.

See all CEL course descriptions in the School of Education section of the USF General Catalog.

Core Curriculum | 24 Credits

  • CEL 640 - History and Principles of Catholic Education
  • CEL 641 - Private School Law
  • CEL 642 - Moral Development
  • CEL 644 - Curriculum and Instruction Leadership in Catholic Schools
  • CEL 650 - Catholic Leadership and Educational Administration
  • CEL 651 - Business and Finance for Catholic Schools
  • CEL 653 - Personnel Leadership in Catholic Schools
  • CEL 690 - M.A. Culminating Project

Electives | 6 Units

The remaining six credits are earned in elective courses selected from among those in Catholic Educational Leadership or those offered by other master's degree programs in the School of Education.

The program is offered during three semesters of the academic year: Fall, Spring, and Summer. The SummerWest program includes a wide variety of course offerings; the summer faculty are from many parts of the country and bring expertise in theory and practice in elementary and secondary Catholic schools. Some of the core courses in this program fulfill requirements for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential in California.

Administrative Services Credential

CEL collaborates with the Organization and Leadership Program to provide a Administrative Services Credential to those students who possess a Certified State Teaching Credential and who are working toward their M.A. or Ed.D. in Catholic School Leadership.

The Administrative Services Credential is comprised of nine courses (27 units). Of the nine, seven are in the specific domains of content and competence. Four of the seven are CEL offerings:

  • Leadership and Educational Administration
  • Curriculum and Instruction Leadership in Schools
  • Personnel Leadership in Schools
  • Business and Financial Development

The three non-CEL courses (offered through the Organization and Leadership Program) that pertain to specific domains of content and competence are:

  • Information Systems in Educational Management
  • Education Law
  • School, Community and Society

Two remaining courses provide the field experiences that incorporate the specific domains indicated above:

  • Field Experience I
  • Field Experience II