About CEL

Goals and Objectives

  1. The Catholic Educational Leadership Program (CEL) shall design academically challenging programs leading to the doctoral and master's programs. CEL collaborates with the Teacher Education Department in offering a teaching credential/master’s degree option for Catholic school teachers, and the Organization and Leadership program in offering a California Administrative Services Credential.
    1. A review of courses will be conducted annually in order to remain up-to-date with student and diocesan needs in the areas of administration and teaching.
    2. The Issues in Catholic Education course will be offered periodically during SummerWest to students and local Catholic school personnel. This course will change its focus in order to provide students with topics that represent the latest thinking in Catholic education.
    3. CEL will not only include all forms of technology in its course offerings when appropriate, but will also include outreach to the Catholic educational community with technology workshops and courses.
  2. CEL shall stimulate an appreciation for research in its students and include a research component in each of its M.A. courses. CEL doctoral students will conduct quality dissertation research that will benefit the Catholic and private school communities.
  3. CEL shall promote the building of community among faculty and students in order to enhance scholarship and faith formation through: fellowship and interdependence, prayer before class, professional networking, cooperative study, selfless service to others, and the promotion of justice.