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Participatory Critical Pedagogy Research

Course GEDU 723 | Every spring semester

Course GEDU 708 | Research Methods in Education

Catalog Description:

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Objectives or Outcomes:

  1. Explore ethnic and linguistic issues in research focusing in particular in the participatory research methodology, inspired by the tenets of Paulo Freire
  2. Define and/or refine the methodology of their own dissertation
  3. Acquire experience in the process of dialogic retrospection รณ the praxis of dialogue as an emancipatory tool, the creation of a text from dialogue transcripts and the analysis of the generative themes contained in the dialogue

Course Topics:

  1. Principles of participatory research
  2. Description of the participant's community
  3. Researcher's entry into the community
  4. Description of the participant
  5. Research questions
  6. Questions to guide the dialogue
  7. Emancipatory nature on the dialogue
  8. Generative themes
  9. Transcriptions and analysis of dialogue

Criteria for Evaluation:

  • Individual projects
  • Researcher's journal
  • Group projects
  • Chronicle

Possible Course Textbooks:

Kieffer, C. Doing Dialogic retrospection: approaching empowerment through participatory research.

Park, P. What is participatory research? A theoretical and methodological perspective.

Ada, A.F., Beutel, C. and Peterson, C. The educator as researcher: Principles and practice of participatory research.

Ada, A.F., Beutel, C., Gottesman, L., Jue, J., Niepoth, M. and Silva. D. Teaching participatory research as a collective and reflective experience for educational transformation.

Reza, J. Notes on liberation theory. Internalized oppression and improving communication within a diverse group.