Digital Technologies for Teaching and Learning Program

The Master of Arts in Digital Technologies for Teaching and Learning (DTTL) optimizes innovative technology and real world connections to prepare instructional leaders and technology professionals who envision the future of education and learning. 

From the classroom to the conference room, digital technology is dramatically changing the way we learn. Teachers, trainers and technology professionals around the nation are supplementing their instructional methods with web-based, interactive information resources. The 30-credit DTTL program is available on campus and online* and seeks to develop understanding, innovative techniques, and insight through a combination of pedagogy, skill, thought, and leadership theory in the fast changing field of technology-enhanced learning. View the DTTL Curriculum.  

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Students in our program may be:

  • Teachers who wish to integrate technologies into the curriculum
  • Software developers specializing in education 
  • Curriculum coordinators
  • School administrators
  • Higher education technology specialists
  • Corporate trainers


What's New in DTTL?

The Program is now offered 100% online in addition to the on-campus option!*

Certificate in Advanced Study in DTTL

The 12-credit certificate curriculum, specifically selected and on its completion, may also provide a path to the full Master of Arts in DML degree program.

Year 2: iPad Study in the DTTL Program

Students enrolled in the MA in DTTL program are participating in a two-year study exploring student expectations and experiences using the iPad. DTTL faculty have been rethinking their teaching as they consider how the iPad can be used in graduate education. Assessment instruments include monthly surveys, journals, interviews, and classroom observations.More information about the study can be found at   

*Pending WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) approval