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Fieldwork & Internship

All students in the USF School Counseling Program begin their field experience in the beginning of their first semester.

Field experience is comprised of 2 parts:

  1. Practicum = 100 hours
  2. Fieldwork = 600 hours
    • Of the 600 hours of fieldwork, 400 hours must be of experience/direct contact with K-12 students in public schools under the supervision of a counselor who holds a valid PPS credential.
    • Fieldwork hours must be gained in two of three public school levels (elementary, middle, or high school) and shall include a minimum of 200 hours at each of the two selected levels.
    • Of the 600 hours of fieldwork, 200 hours may be completed in settings other than public schools that serve the counseling needs of youth. Students must receive supervision from an experienced practitioner appropriate for the setting.
    • Students complete the fieldwork requirements in schools either as volunteer trainees or as paid interns under the PPS Internship Credential Option.
    • Students are expected to find their own fieldwork placement. The program maintains lists of elementary, middle, and high schools where USF students have previously interned. These lists have contact information and a review of the school and counseling program. Many professors have connections in the area and are very helpful in this process.
    • There is a fieldwork orientation in the beginning of Fall semester which provides details regarding fieldwork expectations and guidelines as well as the necessary support student’s need to secure a placement.
    • For more information about Fieldwork contact: Estella Pabonan, Programs Coordinator, epabonan@usfca.edu, 415-422-5686