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Dual Concentration Program in School Counseling and Professional Clinical Counseling

stu_sc3After their first semester at USF, students enrolled in the 49-credit School Counseling/Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential Program have the option to enroll in a 60-credit Dual Concentration Program in School Counseling and Professional Clinical Counseling.

The 60-credit Dual Concentration Program in School Counseling and Professional Clinical Counseling allows candidates to obtain a California Pupil Personnel Services Credential upon graduation and eligibility to pursue a License in Professional Clinical Counseling (LPCC) in California.

Upon completing the dual concentration degree, candidates must also fulfill the California Board of Behavioral Sciences clinical hours and licensing examination requirements to become Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors. For more information about post-degree LPCC requirements, please visit the California Board of Behavioral Sciences website.

What is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC)?

Helpful LPCC Websites:

Professional clinical counseling is defined as the application of counseling interventions and psychotherapeutic techniques to identify and remediate cognitive, mental, and emotional issues, including personal growth, adjustment to disability, crisis intervention, and psychosocial and environmental problems.

Professional clinical counseling includes conducting assessments for the purpose of establishing counseling goals and objectives to empower individuals to deal adequately with life situations, reduce stress, experience growth, change behavior, and make well-informed rational decisions (California Business and Professions Code 4999.20.(a)1).

Program Delivery

stu_sc1Students pursuing the 60-credit program with Dual Concentration in School Counseling and Professional Clinical Counseling will take all courses offered in the 49-credit program and an additional 11 credits to meet the requirements for Professional Clinical Counseling (PCC). Sample courses for the dual concentration program include: Individual and Family Psychopathology, Addictions Counseling, and Clinical Psychopharmacology.

Students enrolled in the dual concentration program will pursue extra PCC coursework during additional teaching weekends, which may also be offered during the summer and winter intersessions. Some courses may be offered during non-teaching weekends during summer sessions. Although we propose a 2-year sequence to complete PPS and PCC requirements, some candidates may complete additional PCC coursework during a third year.

Proposed Course Sequence for Dual Concentration

* Denotes courses added to the 49-credit PPS course sequence.

Year One: 31 credits

Semester 1 | Fall - 10 credits

CPSY 607 - Counseling Theory and Practice (3)

CPSY 618 - Law and Ethics (3)
CPSY 612 - Lifespan Developmental Counseling (3)

CPSY 619 - Fieldwork Practicum (1)

Intersession | Winter- 1 credit

CPSY 644 –Child, Elder, and Adult Abuse (1)*

Semester 2 | Spring - 10 credits

CPSY 606 - Cross Cultural Counseling (3)

CPSY 608 - Prevention and Intervention in Schools (3)

CPSY 602/or 620 - PPS Traineeship/Internship I (2)
CPSY 624 - Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods (2)

Semester 3 | Summer - 10 credits

CPSY 613 - Group Counseling Skills (3)

CPSY 610 - Advanced Multicultural Counseling (3)

CPSY 625 - Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Interpretation (1)
CPSY 639 – Individual and Family Psychopathology (3)*

Year Two: 29 credits

Semester 4 | Fall - 9 credits

CPSY 609 - Academic Counseling (3)

CPSY 611 - Problem-Solving Counseling (3)
CPSY 621/or 603 - PPS Traineeship/or Internship II (2)
CPSY 635 - Human Sexuality (1)*

Intersession | Winter - 1 credit

CPSY 629 – Alcohol and Substance Abuse (1)*

Semester 5 | Spring - 10 credits

CPSY 614 - Career Counseling (3)

CPSY 623 - Trauma and Crisis Counseling in Urban and Multicultural Context (3)

CPSY 622/ or 604 - PPS Traineeship/Internship III (2)
CPSY 626 Addictions Counseling (2)*

Semester 6 | Summer - 9 credits

CPSY 615 - Assessment and the Counselor (3)

CPSY 617 - Consulting with Parents, Teachers and Schools (3)
CPSY 683 – Clinical Psychopharmacology (3)*