Graduate students around a table
Professors Baab and Bansavich at Conference
Professors Ben Baab and John Bansavich present at a conference on using iPads in Higher Education!

Program Structure

The Master of Arts for Digital Technologies for Teaching Learning (DTTL) program is designed to accommodate adult students, most of whom have full-time jobs and other obligations.

Most courses of this 30-credit program are 3 credits each.
A nominal program consists of 10 courses.

Flexible Scheduling

Our Online Program offers the most flexibility with students having the ability to set their own schedule for the program.

Our On-ground program meets on Teaching Weekends, an "alternate weekend" schedule of about two weekends a month; Friday evenings and Saturday mornings and afternoons. Each semester has 9 sessions of about 5 hours each. Current Class Schedule.

iPad_orangeThere may be courses which meet during the work week, to accommodate students in the Teaching Credential Program and others for whom week nights are better than weekends.

Summer Session - The program also uses the summer session rather intensively, to accommodate those in educational professions. In contrast to the regular academic year:

  • Summer classes meet evenings, weekends and/or online.
  • Duration is anywhere from 2-8 weeks, depending on scheduling and credit requirement factors.
Fast Track  - Complete the DTTL Masters within one year. Begin the program in the fall, finish the following summer.

Our Transfer Credit Policy

Up to six semester credits of appropriate, accredited, graduate work from other universities may be accepted as transfer credit toward the 30 total, subject to the approval of the program advisor and the dean.

University of San Francisco candidates for the Teaching Credential are eligible for the Credential/DTTL degree option, and may apply 15 credits of credential courses toward the DTTL degree, with approval. Teaching Credential applicants may apply for simultaneous admission to the Credential program and the DTTL program.

Also available: 12-credit Certificate in Advanced Study in DTTL