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Korea Immersion and Teaching Program 2011

School of Education


Ginny Chung (dual degree) gives lesson instructions.

This past summer, faculty, staff and students spent two weeks teaching English to elementary and middle school students in South Korea.

The team included School of Education faculty, Dr. Kevin Oh, Dual Degree in Teacher Preparation program assistant, Melissa Hope, Associate Director of Student Services, Carole Vineyard, four Dual Degree program undergraduate students and five graduate students from the Special Education program.

team 2011L-R Standing: Dr. Kevin Oh, Carole Vineyard, Ashlely Batchelor (Dual Degree), Melissa Hope, Robert Goldstein (Sp Ed), Deborah Gin Perry (Sp Ed), Grace Wang (Dual Degree), Chelsea Miller (Sp Ed), Samantha Williams (Dual Degree).
L-R Kneeling: Renee Moyer (Sp Ed), Kathryn Fahrner (Sp Ed), and Ginny Chung (Dual Degree).

This was the second successful year of the program, which is a collaborative effort between the USF School of Education, USF College of Arts and Sciences, and Changwon National University in Changwon, South Korea.

The focus of the program is on providing English language instruction to students from varied backgrounds who otherwise may not have access to opportunities available to their peers.


USF students used co-teaching models of instruction in classrooms of 6-12 Korean students and focused on English fundamentals in reading, writing, listening and speaking. They also utilized assessment tools for word recognition, pronunciation and comprehension.

In addition to teaching, USF students met with university staff and faculty at Changwon National University, attended dinners and cultural events with Korean peers and university staff, and explored the city of Changwon, as well as Seoul, Pusan, and Geoje Island.

For more information:
Undergraduate, Dual Degree, contact Melissa Hope,
Graduate, contact Dr. Kevin Oh.

Written by Melissa Hope and Kevin Oh