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School of Education Participates in 10th Hawaii International Conference on Education

School of Education


The Hawaii International Conference on Education was held in Honolulu on January 5-8, 2012. Presenters representing USF were Dr. Patricia Mitchell (Organization & Leadership program faculty) and School of Education students and graduates:

  • Dr. Patricia Mitchell (O&L)
    • Enhancing Your Leadership Ability by Utilizing Emotional Intelligence: One Practical Approach for University and College Women Leaders
    • Behind the Eyes: Scotopic Sensitivity Irlen Syndrome (SSIS) and Help for the Struggling Reader
  • Stacey Jones, M.A. (O&L)
    The Business of Educating Leaders
  • Susan Stryker (O&L doctoral student)
    Uncovering the subconscious language of ethical leadership: Identifying the linguistic markers of ethical leadership through computational text analysis
  • Cynthia Rapaido, Ed.D. (IME)
    Filipino American Educational Leaders in Northern California K-12 Public Schools: Impact of Spanish Colonialism and America Imperialism
  • Leann Pereira (O&L doctoral student)
    Recruiter competency: The relationship between efficiency, relationship building skills and level of education
  • Jasvinder Kaur, Ed.D. (O&L)
    Urban Leadership and Emotional Intelligence