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iPad2 Study in Digital Media and Learning Program (DML)

School of Education


iPad-studentsThis Fall, 30 USF students enrolled in courses in the Digital Media and Learning (DML) MA program began a year-long study to explore student expectations, experiences, and reflections of iPad usage. DML faculty are also participating in the study and are rethinking their teaching as they consider how the iPad can be used in graduate education. Student enthusiasm for the iPad has been strong while the faculty introduce educational apps to utilize in the classroom and beyond it. For many, this is an exciting opportunity to evaluate the popular technology in an educational context and consider its use among the set of technology tools that DML students already employ.

Over the next year students will respond to online surveys and record their reflections in journals to assess their experiences using the iPad. Faculty are also responding to survey questions along with interviews and classroom observations. Drs. Ben Baab and John Bansavich, are the USF faculty conducting the research.

More information about the study can be found at http://ipad2.wiki.usfca.edu

Written by Ben Baab and John Bansavich