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Centers and Institutes Overview

The School of Education seeks to create strong relationships among the teaching, service and research roles of faculty, as these have concrete implications for our students as well.

Our centers, institutes and special programs provide vehicles for faculty and students to work together with the community on a wide range of outreach projects.


Center for Child and Family Development

The Center provides study, experience, services and more, for the betterment of children and families. Newly located Community Counseling Center facility.

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Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership (ICEL)

Designed to make a unique and significant contribution to the leaders, educators, students and parents who value Catholic and private education.


International Leadership Seminar

This program is an opportunity to travel, learn and explore what it is to be a global citizen. Learn from international scholars, and enjoy group outings.


Curriculum Resource Center

The Resource Center houses a collection of educational reference materials and curriculum aids that may be used for K-12 grades. Access is open to all. Full borrowing privileges for School of Education faculty and students only.