View of Salzburg, Austria
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Salzburg Seminar

Summer study abroad experience in one of Europe's most magical cities.

Here is an opportunity to travel and learn while earning 2 credits!



  • Undergraduate students - Special Topics: Global Citizenship
  • Graduate students - Special Topics: Global Citizenship


Both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to travel to Salzburg to explore the emerging concept of Global Citizenship. Through lectures from international and domestic scholars, group outings and projects, and most importantly in-depth conversations, students will examine the increasingly elaborate relationships that comprise the world today. By critically examining their individual roles and responsibilities, students will be prepared to make a plan of action for being a global citizen.

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Seminar Themes

Student Testimonials

“As a global learning experience, this has been very rewarding and educational – maybe a life-changing event!”

“Seriously an amazing experience.”

  • Mapping Ethnocentrism
    Using exercises that help identify their individual cultural make up, students are encouraged to consider how their way of living effects how they see the world. By analyzing our own culture(s) we are better prepared to approach other cultures in a more conscious manner.
  • The Role of Businesses in Globalization
    Faculty experts in international business discuss the change from a traditional firm model that focuses uniquely on creating profits for shareholders to one that encompasses a triple bottom line that considers social and environmental factors along with financial ones.
  • Creating Inclusive Societies
    Human migration has been a part of our history since the dawn of time. The processes of globalization have accelerated movements of people to unprecedented level. How do we make sense of multiple cultural and national identity? And what is the role of global citizens in creating societies that include rather than exclude newcomers?
  • The United States and the World
    Students discuss how the United States is viewed by the rest of the world. By using comparisons of international media sources and conversations with international faculty and university students, US students have the opportunity to delve into the topic of how others see the United States both as a political entity and a people.