Training Objectives


The Center is committed to training interns and trainees in the clinical skills and awareness necessary for counseling adults, children, and families from a diverse, multicultural, and low income population. We know that many of our clients bring difficult and challenging issues to the center and that, by the end of their term, counseling interns will have worked with cases that many counselors rarely, if ever, see in their professional careers. Comprehensive supervision is provided for interns and in-service workshops are offered by Center supervisors, staff, and other professionals.


Counseling begins with the expectant, alert, and compassionate presence of the counselor. The Center fosters an environment in which interns and trainees can develop and maintain the virtues of a positive disposition, restfulness and courtesy.


The emerging field of School-Based Family Counseling takes a holistic approach to the wider systems of which the school student is an integral part. Systems thinking is integral to another multi-disciplinary field, that of environmental health. The word "ecology" comes from the Greek word for "home." So ecology means the study of the relationships that comprise our home in nature. Just as every parent is a teacher, a psychologist, and a counselor, so every person is an ecologist; we all live and manage resources on this home planet. We believe that respect for the ecology contributes to the cause of child and family health, which is our mission. Center staff and supervisors model for interns and trainees a regard and awareness for the values of conservation, quality of environment and quality of our lives.