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School of Education at Branch Campuses

The USF School of Education is closer than you think!

We offer programs at our branch campus locations in:

  • Counseling Psychology, concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) in Sacramento, San Jose and Santa Rosa
  • Teacher Education in Sacramento, San Jose and Santa Rosa and Pleasanton
  • Teaching English as a Second Language in San Jose

These programs are structured as cohort groups.

Students enroll, attend classes, and finish a program with the same group of peers. The group itself can become a powerful force in shaping the academic and professional experience during the course of the degree program. Friendships based upon such shared experiences often lead to later professional opportunities!

Marriage and Family Therapy Program Contact:
Carmen Pacheco-Cueba
Coordinator, Counseling Psychology Branch Campus Programs

Teacher Education Program Contact:
Dr. Sandra Fenderson

Associate Director, Teacher Education Branch Campus Programs