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State Resources

The following programs are administered by various agencies in the State of California. Please consult each program's website for further information.

Assumption Program of Loans for Education (APLE)

The APLE program is a state-funded competitive teacher incentive program administered by the California Student Aid Commission. It is primarily designed to encourage outstanding students who want to become K-12 teachers:

  1. in subject areas where a critical shortage has been identified
    (such as math, science, and special education) or
  2. in designated schools that meet the criteria established by the Superintendent of Public Instruction
    (such as low income and low performing schools).

Website: http://www.csac.ca.gov/doc.asp?id=111

Students must be nominated for APLE, and nominations are not made until after students begin an approved teacher preparation program at USF. For more information, email our APLE coordinator or call (415) 422-2117.

Cal Grant Program

If you are currently an undergraduate student with a Cal Grant A or B and plan to enroll in a teacher credential program, you may be eligible to renew your Cal Grant award for an additional year. The additional year of payment is provided to students who are seeking an initial teaching credential and cannot be used for other graduate level courses of study.

Website: http://www.calgrants.org/

For additional information on this opportunity and how to apply it to your studies at USF, you may also contact USF’s Office of Financial Aid at (415) 422-2020.

CSU Forgiveable Loan/Doctoral Incentive Program

Through the Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP), the California State University (CSU) provides financial assistance in the form of a student loan to a limited number of individuals pursuing doctoral degrees. The program seeks to provide loans to doctoral students who are interested in applying and competing for CSU instructional faculty positions after completion of the doctoral degree.

Website: http://www.calstate.edu/hr/cdip/

California Pre-Doctoral Program/Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholars

The California Pre-Doctoral Program is designed to increase the pool of potential faculty by supporting doctoral aspirations of California State University (CSU) students who have experienced economic and educational disadvantages.

Website: http://www.calstate.edu/PreDoc/cpdp_program.shtml