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USFSLE Peer Advising Team

Who serves on Peer Advising Team?

Each spring, Student Leadership and Engagement hires undergraduate interns who have specific responsibilities (Club Services, Business Operations, Office Management, Leadership Programs).  They combine their talent, intelligence, and knowledge to form the Peer Advising Team (PAT). Contact PAT to get help with your club or organization.

2013/2014 Peer Advising Team


Kevin Bachar   Kevin_Bachar

Class of 2016 
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Chino Hills, CA
Works with: Council/Governance, Leisure/Hobby, Political, Media, and Religious/Spiritual
Area of Expertise: Administrative Support
Fun fact:  I'm a foodie!


Kelsey Hui   Kelsey_hui_cropped

Class of 2014 
Major: Communication Studies, Minors in Hospitality Industry Management and Classical Studies
Hometown: Portland, OR 
Works with: Academic/Honorary/Professional
Area of Expertise: Internal Development Funding
Fun fact: My favorite Disney Princess is Belle!


Breanna Lamping   Breanna

Class of 2014
Major: Accounting
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Works with:  Cultural/Multicultural/International
Area of Expertise: Event Funding and Finance Committee
Fun fact:  I volunteered at the Macklemore concert on campus last year!


Ariel LingAriel

Class of 2014
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Palo Alto, CA
Works with: Academic, Honorary, Professional
Area of Expertise: Travel
Fun fact: I climbed an active volcano in Antigua, Guatemala.   The same volcano erupted 3 weeks after I left.


Lauren Voss Lauren_Voss

Class of 2015
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Upland, CA
Works with: Spirit, Greek Organizations, Performance
Area of Expertise: Petitioning Organizations and Advisor Support
Fun fact: I love me some bluegrass. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival is my favorite weekend all year!