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Magis Retreat Fall 2013
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GO Team 2013
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Magis Emerging Leadership Program

Magis Fall 2013

The Magis Emerging Leadership Program cultivates leaders by helping students develop knowledge of self, others, and community. Based on the Social Change Model of Leadership, this program joins students in a small cohort for this exploration. Magis, which is a Jesuit value that means “more” in Latin, challenges students to stretch themselves as leaders and strive for excellence in their pursuits.

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Who can participate?

This Emerging Leadership Program is for first-year students. Sophomores are eligible to apply but are not guaranteed a spot. Approximately 30 students will be selected per semester.

When is Magis offered?

Magis is offered in the fall and spring semester. The program begins with a meeting and retreat followed by a post-retreat meeting. Topics include developing personal values, leadership styles, and involvement opportunities on campus. Students will discuss their freshman class community and create a community action plan for change.

Spring 2015 Schedule (Times TBA)
Pre-Retreat Meeting: Wednesday, Feb 25 | McLaren 251
Retreat: Friday-Sunday, March 6-8 | Nature Bridge, Marin Headlands
Post Retreat Meeting: Wednesday, March 11 | McLaren 251

What are the benefits of participating?

  • Leadership training that enhances the college experience and preparation for life after college
  • Completion certificate
  • Nomination for the Emerging Leadership Award for the Student Leadership Awards Ceremony

How do I sign up?

Applications are released at the beginning of each semester. The application deadline for Spring 2015 has passed, but the Fall 2015 application will be posted here in August.

Want more info? Stop by University Center 4th Floor or fill out this form for more information.

How do I become a Magis Mentor?

Are you interested in continuing your journey through magis? Become a Magis Mentor! Magis Mentors act as role models and guide Magis participants through their individual and group leadership process. Each Magis Mentor will be assigned a group of 8-10 Magis participants and lead these participants through small group discussions and activities at the meetings (pre and post retreat) as well as throughout the retreat. To serve as a mentor you must have participated in the Magis Emerging Leadership Program.

Magis Mentors have already been selected for the Spring 2015 retreat.

What do students say about Magis?

"One thing I learned in the Magis Program is that there are a variety of values that contribute to people’s leadership skill, and through Magis I’ve learned we should acknowledge those values and possibly integrate them with our own." - Jonathan Munoz, Fall 2012 Participant

"One thing I learned is how to become a better self and how to help others become a better version of them. As a whole, we can make a change." - Evelyn Zamora, Fall 2012 Participant

"A critical lesson that I learned from Magis was the importance of everyone’s opinion. While it is easier to listen to everyone without taking what they say to heart, it is of utmost importance to really consider their point of view to make sure they feel heard and are heard. I think that this is a key element in building equality and trust." - Jessie Stoneman, Fall 2012 Participant

"I have learned it is important to take a step back and view yourself and your values before you lead others, so you can lead with integrity." - Abram Castaneda, Fall 2012 Participant

"I have learned to be more aware and open-minded of others opinions and ideas. Therefore, I am more safely proponed to take an ethical route in being a leader. I’ve also learned what a sense of community is and what to do in order for create change!" - Laura Coria, Fall 2012 Participant

"I learned a lot about myself in the time we were given to reflect. I learned (or was reminded) how important it is to engage yourself in activities that are constant with your beliefs and values. I learned that it is easy to shy away from things outside of your comfort zone but that it is important to remind yourself that you have obligations as a citizen of a greater community." -Becky Borden, Fall 2012 Participant



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