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Legislative Initiate Funds (LIF) and Student Initiative Funds (SIF) are intended for members of the AGSUSF to access funding to advance graduate student life. 

Below are steps to successfully obtain funding from the Graduate Student Senate (GSS).

Step 1: Determine Eligibility

Legislative Initiative Fund (LIF) is intended to allow the Legislative Branch of the GSS resources to address the needs of their constituency while promoting the goals and mission of the GSS. GSS Senators are eligible to apply for legislative funds for outreach, events, and initiatives.
Student Initiative Fund (SIF) is intended for members of the Associated Graduate Students of the University of San Francisco (AGSUSF) to access funding to advance graduate student life through personal and professional development.
Graduate student organizations must be registered with Student Leadership and Engagement (SLE) by completing the Petition to Register online. All funding proposals must be approved by the GSS in order to be eligible for SIF funding.
Registered graduate student are automatically an AGSUSF member and can apply funding for personal and professional development.
Please read Article Four: Initiative Funds to determine if your request is eligible for funding. To apply, click the appropriate link above. If it asks you to log in, use your USFconnect username and password.

Step 2: Mandatory Meetings

You or a representative from your graduate student organization may be asked to meet with the Vice President of the Treasury to review your proposal. You will also be invited to present your proposal at a GSS Finance Committee meeting.

 Graduate Student Organizations will be required to attend a Student Organization Advising and Orientation meeting with Student Leadership and Engagement prior to becoming registered.

 GSS Senators and AGSUSF members are encouraged to contact the VPT for any questions regarding the funding application process.

Step 3: Submit Funding Application

Applications must be submitted at least one month but no more than six months prior to a fund request. Funding must be awarded prior to the day of execution of the proposal.

 Fundings Deadlines Spring 2014

 Applications should include information such as budget, target audience, marketing strategy, contact information and a description of proposed activities.


Step 4: Meet with Staff Member

Individuals and graduate student organizations receiving funding must meet with an SLE staff member to process expenditure of funds and funds report. Funds may not be expended in advance and reimbursements will not be provided.


Forms: Legislative Initiative Funds

Application: Legislative Initiative Fund (LIF)

Event Funding Template 

Forms: Student Initiative Funds

Application: Student Initiative Fund (SIF)
Internal Development Funding Template
Conference Funding Template
Event Funding Template 


For a list of vendors, please use the USF Preferred Vendors list.

The Vice President of Treasury and the Finance Committee is responsible for the maintenance of this policy and will serve as the review committee for all proposals. Any comments or questions can be emailed to Fraylanie Aglipay at