A semester abroad with Casa Bayanihan is not your typical study abroad program. It is an education for transformation, which will expand your imagination, broaden your worldview, and provide an international dimension to your academic experience. 

Casa Bayanihan has a unique educational philosophy: In order to better understand the world, and ourselves in relation to it, we need to experience it firsthand-be immersed in it. In the Casa program, therefore, the emphasis is on living and learning with the people and sharing daily realities. 

Semester at a Glance

Spring 2015 Calendar

As a student participating in this community-based learning program, you will gain an education that no classroom alone can offer. There are four main components, or pillars, of the Casa program: accompaniment, academics, simple community living, and spirituality. These dimensions of the program provide students with an immersion experience in a supportive living-learning community.

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