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Intake/Eligibility Process

Students with disabilities who are interested in receiving services while at USF should contact SDS as soon as possible upon admission to the University, or upon onset of disability, to initiate the intake and eligibility process.

All contact with SDS is confidential and disability-related information is not released except on a need to know basis. This process for receiving services is accomplished in three easy steps:

Step 1: Contact SDS

Contact us for our registration materials, and provide documentation of disability  directly to SDS (not to your faculty member, Office of Admission, etc.).

Step 2: Intake/Eligibility Appointment

Set up an intake appointment with a disability specialist  to collaboratively review your documentation and your accommodation requests. In some cases, additional collaboration with your faculty member(s) may also be appropriate.

Step 3: Accommodations

After eligibility for services is determined, students receive an accommodation letter from SDS. Most reasonable accommodations  may be arranged within ten business days. Students receiving reasonable accommodations have a responsibility to notify the appropriate University personnel of their recommended accommodations in a timely manner.