Undergraduate Testimonials

Are you a working adult thinking about earning your degree at University of San Francisco in Sacramento? Read what our students have said about their experience at University Of San Francisco.

Bachelor of Applied Economics Class of 2005

Crystal Crawford

This is a great program for working professionals. The professors are very knowledgeable and genuinely care about your success.

Marc Flores

Thank you for the opportunity to go to school in the evening. I work at night so classes in the evenings really work out for me. Also I came out of the military not knowing what major to pick, the USF counselor guided me to a major that helped me out the most. Thank you.

Florian Ghiurau

The applied economics program has given me a new perspective in the way the world works. The financial rules of the game can be different from country to country. Knowing the impact domestic or international trend can have on my personal life gives me confidence and leverage in my career.

Robert Lewis

I just wanted to tell you how happy and impressed I was with the curriculum with the College of Professional Studies at the University of San Francisco. Everything from the ordering of the classes, the relevancy of the material taught and the experience of the professors was impeccable.

With a demanding professional career, traditional institutions would not fit my schedule. I carefully researched the options available for me to complete college, and found that USF’s College of Professional Studies seemed to be the highest quality program being offered to working professionals in Northern California.

Although it was a bit challenging at times to balance college, work and family; the support I received from my professors and my cohort enabled me to complete my degree in less than two years, and I have to say, my expectations were far exceeded. For example, I thought initially that I would receive less of an education in an evening program, but it was really quite the opposite. The smaller classroom environment allowed me to ask my professor more questions than I would have been able to in a larger class. Also, because each member of the cohort began and ended the program together, everyone was very supportive and helpful to one another.

USF’s staff was completely assessable and 100% supportive. Most professors were available in the evenings or on the weekends if needed! It was clear to me that the staff at USF really cared for their students.

I will be applying to business school this fall and believe that the CPS program at USF has prepared me for my graduate studies and for my professional career. I would recommend this program to any working professional seeking to advance in academia or professionally.

Kimberly Tipton

USF has allowed me to finally complete my long-postponed degree. The staff is great and made us feel at home. I’m going to miss this place!! And the quality of the teachers is stellar.

Gregg Shaw

I feel my experience at USF was invaluable. I have learned techniques, which have helped me both personally and professionally. The faculty, campus and curriculum all exceeded my expectations and I am proud to have attended such an excellent university.

Bradley Smith

The Applied Economics program has taught me essential skills and has sharpened my thinking. Challenging curriculum and excellent faculty. Highly recommended!! Thanks USF!!

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Bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior Class of 2005

Maria Baker

My degree has given me a new vision for me life, community and organization.

Karie Brinker

My USF degree has helped me to become aware of my leadership abilities and apply them professionally. It has also helped me to understand my organizations behaviors and to use my education to deal effectively with them.

Jacqueline Escajeda

Earning my degree opened doors for a very significant promotion. It also enriched my life by broadening my mind and my realm of friendships.

Deborah Gordon

My time at USF provided me with opportunities to grow personally, professionally, spiritually, and developed friendships that will last a lifetime.

Meghan Hart King

I look at situations in my workplace from a different point of view. I think of them more critically and from a broader perspective. The course work had complemented my work experience to make me a better-rounded individual both professionally and personally.

Kelly Heikila

The CPS program has benefited me as a person, a professional and a leader. The confidence and education gained during this experience changed my perspective for the better.

Andrea Hodgson

My experience at USF has given me the confidence to apply to law school. The program was extensive and challenging, the staff were helpful and informative, and my cohort supported me and encouraged me for the entire two years.

Shawn Katapodis

Thank you for letting me be apart of something really great. I will miss you!!!

Marisol Martinez

There has been a lot of personal growth with in the last two years while I was in this program. I'm very happy that I'm almost done. I 'm happy that the degree I am getting is marketable.

Kim Moore

This program exceeded my expectations! USF's Jesuit values played a significant role in the program, its success, and my satisfaction.

Patrick Moore

This program has strengthened my confidence in my abilities in the area of being a leader. It has also broadened my knowledge of my Organizational Behavior and Management in general.

Livia Mora-Fowler

USF has renewed my desire to return to the world and contribute my energy to make even a little improvement - make things better for others around me.

Nadine Newman

I have found my experience at USF to be enriching both personally and professionally. I have advanced in my career and have explored my beliefs, defining my personal mission, vision and values.

Heather Puleo

The professors were amazing; the curriculum was fun, informative and educational. It was an honor to attend such a great school that stands by their Jesuit Philosophy. I really enjoyed every aspect of the classes!

Danelle Saldana

This has been a great experience. I recommend this program and the University of San Francisco. USF has been academically and spiritually enhancing. I am so grateful to the professors and staff for their support, mentorship and dedication to my learning.

Julia Schwatrz

The O.B. program at USF was committed to developing my character as well as my intellect. Thank you!

Christal Segovia

With the help and dedication of USF I was able to not only have professional advancement, I have grown as an individual. My ability to bloom from a small flower into a bright confident flower. Thank you.

Yolanda Weaver

I believe that one of the greatest benefits I obtained was from the O.B. program was to develop my leadership skills.

D'Nette Wigley

This is the biggest personal accomplishment of my life.

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Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Class of 2005

David Brezinski

Earning my degree from USF has opened a new realm of perspective and knowledge for me - I now realize how beneficial education is and how important continually learning is for my personal and professional development.

Dennis Duffy

USF helped me in reaching my educational goals.

Ravi Mishra

The program has helped me improve my writing & presentation skills. It has also given me a little insight of the management aspect of the job. Overall I would rate this program good for a business analyst position.

Jamie Sergio

The most positive experience I am taking with me from the CPS USF program is the caring instructors. Most instructors went above and beyond what was expected and they truly cared about my learning and making the course successful.

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Class of 2004

Bevis Lee

Learning as a cohort for 23 months is a good learning experience. I think the experience in a CPS program is very similar to a real work experience rather than academic. I would like to see more learning and research similar to a traditional undergraduate college.

Barry Ross

Great experience, challenging and rewarding.

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Bachelor of Public Administration Class of 2005

Jesse Cline

The BPA program was very well organized and gave me and introduction to the public sector. The instructors were very good and seemed to be very qualified.

Danette Hayles

I've enjoyed working in the cohort environment. My way of thinking has changed and I am more interested in how politics work and keeping up on current events.

Rosa Singh

You can do it no matter how hard or difficult it seems it can be done. With hard work you can overcome any obstacle.

Luis Rodriquez

The education has given me an understanding of the difference in public sector work. The experience of attending USF has helped me grow professionally.

Terri McDonald

The public policy has been extremely helpful in my role as manager with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. I believe it has set a solid foundation for future learning in the arena of managing public agencies.

Bachelor of Public Administration Class of 2004

Gabrielle Goodby

My time spent at USF has opened my eyes, giving me the ability to see what I may not have seen before. It has affected my vision in my work life, home life, and has challenged me to take a closer look at everything.

Patricia "Patty" McClellan

My USF education has improved my knowledge, skills and self-confidence. I received a major promotion before I even had my degree. It was hard work, but well worth it.

Genoveva Michel

Since starting the BPA program I have grown. The information learned has tremendously helped me in my job. It has helped me set goals and values. Just the opportunity to be back in a classroom setting has given me the necessary discipline to accomplish my goals! Thanks.

Mary Calderon

My decision to start the BPA program was not made lightly. After raising a family, finishing my degree was an opportunity to renew myself, gain knowledge and skills and generally grow from the experience. The instructors were wonderful and contributed tremendously to the overall program. I know it has enhanced my value and performance at work.

Sofia Pimentel

My decision to attend the University of San Francisco, Bachelor of Public Administration program has been the most beneficial investment I have made in my professional and personal life. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to increase their world-view, knowledge and skills while working full time. It's a great school and program!

Jeremy Garcia

Obtaining my degree at USF proved to be an invaluable decision. Almost immediately I received a promotion that would have otherwise been out of reach.

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