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Page Layout Options

A large number of page layouts and functionality options are available to add diversity and visual interest to the various pages and sites within the general umbrella of

Page Layout Templates

Schematics of the various templates, and notes on their usage, are provided on the Web Design Templates page.

Homepage layouts and inside page layouts should be matched. So if a school's homepage uses this layout:

Sample Home Layout

…then an inside template should be chosen with a single row of blocks that mirrors the homepage layout:

Sample Inside Page Layout

In this way, users of your site will be able to maintain consistent expectations of what they'll see where.

Functionality Blocks

Every "block" shape on the site, square or rectangle, has specifications about the functionality it can be used for. A document about the various options is viewable here: Usage of USF block types

Although the block options allow for a great deal of interactive, engaging content presentation, they should be used sparingly. There should be no more than one slideshow or video block on an inside page.

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