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Example Sites

Below are pages that use several of the style features that can add variety and interest to your website. Look over them, give the code a glance if you are comfortable with that, and try out some of these ideas on your site. Remember that adding interest to the text structure will make of your pages lively and therefore more interesting to your viewers.  
Uses intro, green box, and two columns,_Libraries,_Athletics/  
Uses intro, green callout links  
Uses intro, feature div item, two columns  
Uses intro, green box feature, yellow box feature  
Uses both intro styles, green link callout, two column (for bulleted links), two column text (below) and cite and blockquote 
Uses green link callout, and puts green box within a two column 
Uses intro, green link callout, green box, and two columns 
Uses call to action buttons, intro text, photos with content  
Embedded photos in the main content area