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Vehicle : Buying & Disposal

Purchasing Services handles the purchase and disposal of all University-owned vehicles for business use.


To initiate a request to purchase a vehicle, please send an email to , describing the make, model, required specifications and expected University related use of the vehicle. Purchasing will contact our vendor sources for bids and recommend a vehicle to which fits your needs. Once you have received the bid from Purchasing, please send down a requisition with all the details attached and the appropriate budget authority signatures. A vice president’s authorization may be needed on the requisition.

Vehicle maintenance is the department’s responsibility. Each vehicle must have a vehicle insurance card under the University’s insurance policy. To learn more about obtaining vehicle insurance, please visit Human Resources’ Risk Management Information Page .




To initiate the disposal of a vehicle, please send a written request to Purchasing along with the keys and title for the vehicle. Purchasing will handle the disposal of the vehicle at our auction house. When a sale is made, the check will be sent to Purchasing and deposited into the department’s FOAP(AL).

Purchasing will handle the deletion of the vehicle under the University’s insurance policy.


If you have any questions, please contact us at x5898 or