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Meet the Staff

Knowing what our office provides is just as important as knowing who we are. 

Purchasing & Ancillary Services (PAAS) reports to the Associate Vice President of Finance & Treasury.  Below is a directory list of all PAAS staff members.

For general inquiries and assistance, please contact the Purchasing Main Line
at 415-422-5898 or email us at

Organizational Chart, updated August 2014

Janet Teymourtash     
Executive Director
(415) 422-5898

Strategic Sourcing Team
Deanna Agmata                            Michael Montgomery        
Senior Sourcing Manager               Sourcing Manager
(415) 422-7141                                (415) 422-2287          

Sourcing & Systems Team
Nina Wallkvist                                Jorge Alex Quintanilla
Sourcing & Systems Associate       Sourcing & Systems Associate
(415) 422-2637                                (415) 422-2529            

Support Team

Barbara White                                Jillian Rosal
Procurement Coordinator                Procurement Coordinator - Projects
(415) 422-2638                                (415) 422-2814                

Luis Diaz
Procurement Coordinator - Central Receiving
(415) 422-6696

Student Staff                           

Gabby Patti                                     Byanka Fontes                              
Taylor Herges