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Purchase Requisitions

A Purchase Requisition is request from a department to procure goods and services, stating their quantity and description in order to generate a Purchase Order. The Purchase Requisition authorizes Purchasing Services to reserve departmental funds for goods and services. Please ensure that your department has sufficient funds available to cover the purchase prior to submitting a Purchase Requisition.

There are two ways to submit a Purchase Requisition:

1) Paper  

2) Electronic (e-REQ) 




 Paper Requisition

This is one of the two ways to submit a purchase requisition. More Purchase Requisition forms can be requested by contacting our office at ext. 5898 or at

The Requisition should be submitted with all original signature(s). To comply with the internal and external audit policy, stamped signatures and faxed Requisitions are not accepted. If your department plans to create internal Requisition numbers, you must seek approval from Purchasing Services’ Director prior to system implementation.

Departments may research and obtain price proposals for requested products independently. However, if a price proposal is obtained, please be sure to include the proposal with the Paper Requisition.

If you do not have all the specifics of an item, such as a catalog number, manufacturer, price of item, etc., please provide a complete description of the requested item and Purchasing Services will research the item for you.

For helpful instructions on how to fill out a paper requisition, please view the following  form.

All purchases must follow USF’s Purchasing Policy .


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