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Multi-functional Printer/Copier (MFP) devices are strategically placed throughout campus, including most Distributed Campuses and Residence Halls.  As of August 2013, there are 50  Public Use MFP's that have been upgraded with the Pharos Uniprint software to service students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests.  The software opens up additional features for the USF campus such as secure wireless printing from your laptop (monochrome and color) with a 2-hour retrieval time at any Pharos Public Use device location on campus.

Below is a list of the active Pharos Public Use MFP's:  
[Device ID number] is notated in brackets below & on a label located at the front of the physical device base.

Distributed Campuses
(Scan-to-USB active) [PL1AP]
Presidio Campus
(Scan-to-USB active) [SFPR1AP]
(Scan-to-USB active) [SA1AP]
San Jose Downtown
(Scan-to-USB active) [SJ1AP]
San Francisco Downtown
4th Floor (Scan-to-USB active) [SFDT4AP]
San Francisco Downtown 5th Floor (Scan-to-USB active) [SFDT5AP]
Santa Rosa
(Scan-to-USB active) [SR1AP]

Center for Science & Innovation
Ground floor – G13 Copy Room (Scan-to-USB active) [CS1AP]

Cowell Hall
2nd Floor, Room 214 (Scan-to-USB active) [CO2AP]

Fromm Hall
Hallway Basement in front of Room 24 [FR0AP]

Dorraine Zief Law Library
Lower Level - DZ 038 [ZLL0AP]
1st Floor Copy Room - DZ 104 (Scan-to-USB active) [ZLL1AP]
1st Floor Copy Room - DZ 104 (Scan-to-USB active) [ZLL1BP]
2nd Floor Copy Room - DZ 209 (Scan-to-USB active) [ZLL2AP]
2nd Floor Copy Room - DZ 209 (Scan-to-USB active) [ZLL2BP]

1st Floor Copy Room - GL 134 (Scan-to-USB active) [GL1AP]
1st Floor Copy Room - GL 134 [GL1BP]
1st Floor Copy Room - GL 134 [GL1CP]
2nd Floor Periodicals [GL2AP]
2nd Floor Periodicals [GL2BP]

2nd Floor, Hallway in front Room 204 [HR2AP]
4th Floor, Hallway (Scan-to-USB) [HR4AP]

1st Floor Hallway by KA 183 Lounge [KA1AP]
2nd Floor Hallway (Scan-to-USB active) [KA2AP]
3rd Floor Hallway [KA3AP]

1st Floor Locker Room (Scan-to-USB active) [KN1AP]

Lone Mountain
1st Floor Alcove by LM 132 (Scan-to-USB active) [LM1AP]
1st Floor Alcove by LM 132 [LM1BP]
3rd Floor Hallway by LM 339 [LM3AP]

1st Floor Hallway by Room 102 (Scan-to-USB active) [MH1AP]
1st Floor, Computer Lab [MH1AB]

1st Floor, Room 121, Mail Room (Scan-to-USB active) [MA1AP]

Memorial Gym
Room A105 Athletics [MG0AP]

Presentation Theater
Basement Hallway [PT0AP]
Basement CIT Lobby (Scan-to-USB active) [PT0BP]
1st Floor, Hallway Room 103 [PT1AP]
2nd Floor, Hallway [PT2BP]

Residence Hall
Fromm Hall - 1st Floor Lounge
(Scan-to-USB active) [FR1RP]
Gillson Hall - 1st Floor Elevator (Scan-to-USB active) [GI1RP]
Hayes Healy Hall - 1st Floor Lounge (Scan-to-USB active) [HH1RP]
Lone Mountain Hall - 323 Lounge [LMN3RP]
Loyola Village - Building A Hallway by 207A [LV2RP]
Phelan Hall - 1st Floor Lounge (Scan-to-USB active) [PH1RP]
Pedro Arrupe – 1st Floor Lounge (Scan-to-USB active) [PA1RP]

School of Education
1st Floor, Room 119 West Entrance [ED1AP]
 (see Presentation Theater for Scan-to-USB active locations)

Under Hill
1st floor (Scan-to-USB active) [UH1AP]

University Center
3rd Floor Parina Lounge [UC3AP]
3rd Floor Parina Lounge
(Scan-to-USB active) [UC3BP]
4th Floor, Hallway Alcove by Room 419A  (Scan-to-USB active) [UC4AP]